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In the heart of Bardonecchia, where the mountains are kissed by the sky and allow you to discover an unspoiled natural world, the kitchen of Cusinè Royal is the point of reference for those who want to savour extraordinary dishes in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. A familiar and hospitable environment, in which every customer feels at home and is put at ease, thanks also to a decidedly attractive price/quality ratio. The owner is Giorgio Pelliccioni, a successful young professional who, during his career, has had the opportunity to work in prestigious hotels all over Italy, from Tuscany to Punta Ala, from Rimini to Bibione.

After so much sea, Giorgio decided it was time to concentrate a bit on the mountains, bringing his experience to the service of Bardonecchia and its many tourists. Between one outdoor activity and another, between a trip on horseback and a golfing challenge, between an excursion by mountain bike and a descent on the skis, there is nothing better than refreshing the body and the spirit with dishes which are delicate and substantial at the same time, prepared with raw ingredients with selected with the utmost care.

After working at the Rivè Best Western Hotel in Bardonecchia, Giorgio decided to strike out on his own: today Cusiné Royal offers unique sensory experiences, such that its customers always feel like they are in paradise. The kitchen can't help but inherit the Piedmontese tradition, but it is naturally influenced by the origins of Giorgio, who was born in the Marche region: it is precisely for this reason that in a mountain area the restaurant also offers exceptional fish dishes, made with skill and imagination. An inimitable mix of past and present: God created food, but the devil created cooks! So it's worth giving in to temptation a little.

The Restaurant

A familiar and peaceful environment, where the most imaginative cuisine is combined with a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere: this is the secret of Cusinè Royal, a restaurant that has recently been completely renovated in colour balance and interior furnishings to offer customers a highly enjoyable experience from all points of view. What is a born and bred native of Ascoli like Giorgio Pelliccioni do in the Piedmont mountains? The answer is on our tables: discovering our à la carte menu you can't help but be amazed by the variety of proposals on offer. Some examples? Potato gnocchi with pea and scallop cream, as well as duck breast with apricot compote.

Cusinè Royal enhances the flavours of both land and sea, as demonstrated by the creamed cod with polenta waffles and the stracciatella di bufala and king prawn creamed beans. For meat lovers, however, there is nothing more highly recommended than the rack of lamb with pistachios. How could you forget the desserts? Between a tiramisu and a Sachertorte, between a milk foam with almond and cinnamon and a mimosa cake, the journey through the flavours of our restaurant will always make you feel at ease.

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The Cusine

The cuisine of Cusinè Royal is the result of the experience and passion of Giorgio Pelliccioni, who every day wants to combine the flavours of the sea with those of the mountain: traditional recipes are proposed, reworked and reinterpreted in a modern style, so that each customer can undertake a journey through the flavours and aromas they can't resist. The restaurant welcomes families with children too: that's why a dedicated menu has been set up for the little ones, with ad hoc dishes designed specifically for them.
Adults, on the other hand, can count on a vast range of choices: just from the starters it is possible to sense the quality and elegance that distinguish Cusinè Royal, as shown by the chiacchiere with vegetable charcoal with cherry tomato and culatello di zibello, capon salad and pomegranate with Venus rice or cod millefeuille and pane carasau on creamed leeks. We are in the Piedmont mountains, it's true, but this does not mean that we should give up the delights that the area has to offer. Hence the raw deception of salmon cooked with buffalo mozzarella foam, proof of a cuisine that is not afraid to be experimental and daring.

Those who want to remain faithful to the great classics, however, can do so, choosing a mixed platter of cheeses and salami or the bagna cauda with raw vegetables, but also a fondue with toasted bread or the cruda di fassona with delicate bagna cauda. Consulting our menu is a real pleasure, a dive into a world of flavours and unique fantasies: from the more traditional agnolotti alla piemontese to the seven-grain gnocchetti with fried leek and asparagus tips, passing by the maltagliati with Fassona beef ragout or the stewed deer with polenta, everyone can indulge their tastes in an environment that is always familiar and truly welcoming.

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The secret of Cusinè Royal doesn't just lie in the experience of Giorgio Pelliccioni: a good cook can do very little if he can’t rely on quality ingredients. Precisely for this reason, all the raw ingredients present in our kitchen and in our pantry are selected with the utmost care, whether they come from the surroundings of Bardonecchia, or arrive from other places of excellence in the Italian territory: that's why our dishes mix the Piedmontese tradition with that of Ascoli, without sacrificing the poetry and the magic of the flavours of the rest of Italy. We only use fresh products, and we are sure that the result is - literally - on everyone's lips.

In our restaurant you can always be sure to have your needs met: a cuisine with attention to every detail is not necessarily synonymous with a cold and detached environment but can be combined with a pleasant and welcoming, hospitable and familiar atmosphere. Come and visit us whenever you want, and you can discover it in person, with your own eyes.


Cusinè Royal is also available for the organization of events: a wedding dinner, a reception for a confirmation or a communion, a corporate dinner, and so on. Not only that: those who wish can also contact us for catering, sure in the knowledge of always being able to count on our experience and professionalism. You'll find us in the centre of Bardonecchia, in a place where the magic of the Piedmontese tradition reigns: a melting pot of flavours, aromas and cultures, with the typical bagna cauda of the region, the finest meats and the freshest fish.

The desserts trolley and the à la carte menu are temptations that are impossible to resist: for a wedding dinner or a corporate event, you can give us all the information you want and we will be happy to meet your needs, paying special attention to children and to all those who have specific dietary needs. Our service is always aimed at customer satisfaction: in an elegant yet familiar environment, you will find everything you need to feel at ease, savouring special dishes and encountering unique sensations.

If you want a complete lunch, complete with a starter, first course, second course and dessert, we always work to satisfy your tastes: our staff of seven people is always available, also to provide suggestions and advice. To combine the best wine with a meat dish, for example: our labels will surprise you with taste and creativity. Cusinè Royal, in the centre of Bardonecchia, is destined to prove itself a magical place: the beauty of nature, the serenity of the mountains and the substantial flavours of the Piedmontese cuisine, all reworked and offered in a modern style which goes beyond pleasant. You will not be disappointed, you can be sure of that.

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